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“Music you can’t listen to anywhere else…”
“Music you can’t listen to anywhere else…”
THRAGEDIUM is a neo-folk-metal band hailing from Portugal. Lisboa depois de Morta (Lisbon AD) is their startling new album, after two decades of hiatus, and it will be proudly released by Alma Mater Records, owned by Fernando Ribeiro, lead singer of Portuguese legendary Moonspell.
“I’ve always been a huge supporter of Thragedium’s vision and the way they incorporate elements of Portugal’s deepest cultural roots into their changeling musical tapestry.”- says Ribeiro. It’s absolutely thrilling for me that I get to release this gem. I know this is the most ambitious album yet, and one of the most outrageous artistic pieces we ever released on the label, but what’s life without the flavor of eloquent, risky music?”
Lisboa…is the successor of the mysterious tale-telling The Isolationist and classic Theatrum XXIII, where the band’s flare for Portuguese guitar, Lusitanian myth, and progressive doom metal was already showing and that now reaches a new peak in this album.
Ready to be released on October’s 31st, all hallows eve, the day they come back on stage supporting Moonspell on their annual Halloween gig, after so many years of absence from stage, the Lisboa album evokes ghosts from a capital of a country lost in its own mist, a story of disaggregation, brilliantly written and played by these Lusitanian torchbearers.
For the fans of Moonspell, Amorphis, Solstafir, Wardruna, Paradise Lost and early Anathema.

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