About Alma Mater Books and Records

Our history, our roots, our background
"I always paid a lot of attention during Moonspell’s time in the several labels we’ve signed for so far. It was fascinating and tough.  Actually, some of those labels, like Century Media are our partners on this adventure that will be to run a label from Portugal and to achieve the goals behind this brand new project of ours.
Alma Mater is the love labour of three people. Me, Pedro Vindeirinho (from Rastilho Records and Moonspell merch store) and João Diogo, our in-house designer who did, for example, the cover of our last album 1755. " Fernando Ribeiro, May´2019

Our Mission

- To provide for the Moonspell fan/collector by handling with the best quality our old repertoire via deluxe and limited editions mostly on vinyl but also on CD. To reissue some sold out releases and to create special unreleased editions with material not available anywhere else than the band’s own vault.
- To tell the story behind Moonspell’s influence by releasing via our UNDERGROUND MAJESTY series old repertoire from bands such as TIAMAT or PARADISE LOST, always taking care about the design, presentation and relevance of the material in the history of Underground’s Metal and how it connects to Moonspell.
- Our most ambitious goal though is to release Portuguese Metal bands we feel that have the potential to embrace a larger scale than just Portugal. We will be investing financially on these bands but also use our knowledge and contacts to put them on the radar of worldwide fans we feel will love the Portuguese talent we will be releasing like Okkultist, Desire or Ironsword our first Portuguese trident to take the world by storm.
ALMA MATER RECORDS is also the OFFICIAL distributor for MOONSPELL in the territory of Portugal.

Are you accepting demos at this time?

We have a “never say never” kind of attitude, but we are rarely in the market for new bands. Send us a bandcamp or similar link  only (no mp3 files, please). Please save your postage money and save resources and don’t send us a CD demo through the mail, a link does the job!
Please do not use our Facebook or Instagram as a primary contact. Always contact us by mail.

Questions about orders, shipping costs, tracking numbers, etc

Please contact www.rastilho.com 
They handle all orders.

Stores & Distribution

I'm a retailer and I want to stock your releases.
Smart move. All of our physical releases are distributed exclusively worldwide by Rastilho. They'd be happy to help you.

Do you have a physical shop in Portugal?
No, just an office. We only sell online and in concerts.