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Irreligious (XXV Anniversary - Box)

By Moonspell

Reference AMR-XXX-XXX_BOX - 29 October 2021


Limited to 250 Boxes | Exclusive itens, only available via Moonspell | Alma Mater | Rastilho. 
This deluxe Box includes:
- A deluxe wooden box, with magnet
- Irreligious - LP (Gatefold Glow in the Dark) w/8 pp booklet
- Full Moon Madness LP12" (Orange) Shaped Triangle Vinyl
- Irreligious - Cassette MC (Green)
- Irreligious Slipmat - (Orange) Slipmat
- Irreligious Artprint - Artprint Poster / Sleeve

IRRELIGIOUS is one of those albums that tell a story from beginning to end. It is THE album for me, that combined two of my favorite genres, metal and goth rock, into something groundbreaking and immortal. Irreligious is Moonspell‘s "Master of Puppets“. To me, they are one of the bravest  and most important bands in the world“- Mille Petrozza, Kreator
IRRELIGIOUS is the the crossroad where Metal meets Gothic and lead the way to a different style and fusion between the darkened elegance of Goth and the powerful depths of Heavy Metal.”- Fernando Ribeiro, Moonspell
If an alien ever visited the Earth and asked “what is gothic metal?”, a peace offering of Irreligious, Moonspell’s groundbreaking 1996 album, would have been the perfect answer to the inhabitant of a far, far away galaxy. Irreligious is the jewel of the crown of the style. Why? Because of its prefect balance. Not too little, not too much, this album is the perfect pitch and absolute archetype of Gothic Metal.
At one time modern and classic, it truly survived the test of time with the most amazing the style has ever heard from the smashing hit-opener Opium to Moonspell’s eternal ode to the Moon in the shape of Fullmoon Madness. 
Moonspell run Alma Mater Records, by courtesy of Century Media Records, celebrates the 25th anniversary of this awesome album with an ambitious deluxe box (a true treasure chest limited to 250 hand numbered, certified copies, only available via the band official store), a gatefold LP reissue (available worldwide) and a Tape Cassette as a token of the great year of 1996 when Irreligious came out and took the world under a its gothic and metal very own spell.

Tracklist Irreligious BOX LP | LP | Cassete
1. Perverse...Almost Religious
2. Opium 
3. Awake 
4. For A Taste Of Eternity
5. Ruin & Misery
6. A Poisoned Gift 
7. Subversion 
8. Raven Claws 
9. Mephisto 
10. Herr Spiegelmann 
11. Full Moon Madness
Tracklist Full Moon Madness LP12"
01. Full Moon Madness (Original Version)
02. Full Moon Madness (Live at Porto, 2020)

Aditional Information

Artist Moonspell
Title Irreligious (XXV Anniversary - Box)
Formats Box * Exclusive
Release date 29 October 2021
Barcode n/a
Extras Wooden Box with magnet, hand numbered
Extras LP Irreligious Glow in the Dark LP Shaped Triangle Full Moon Madness K7 Artprint Slipmat
Original Release 29.10.2021
Pressing qty 250 boxes
Irreligious (XXV Anniversary - Box)
Irreligious (XXV Anniversary - Box)
Irreligious (XXV Anniversary - Box)